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November 18, 2012
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A small guide providing information for #PKMN-Crossing's monthly Contest Halls.

Contest Halls are hosted every month with a new category and theme to participate in. Your goal is to create your entry based on that category and theme. Rules and other important information for each months' contest are posted onto the Bulletin Board blog within the first week of each month, so be sure to read it if you plan on entering. Prizes are always given out through Contest Halls to first, second, and third place winners. If you're selected as a winner, and you can receive a Ribbon linked to the category of the Contest Hall you won, Bells, dA points, and other swell surprises!

Below are several different Contest Hall categories that can take place as well as information your entry will need in the artist comments:
    :bulletred: Beauty Contest
    :bulletorange: Move Coordination Contest
    :bulletyellow: Fashion Contest
    :bulletgreen: Magic Contest
    :bulletgreen: Art Contest
    :bulletblue: Music Contest
    :bulletblue: Poetry Contest
    :bulletblue: Story Contest
    :bulletpurple: Dance Contest
    :bulletpurple: Pet Contest
    :bulletpink: Cooking Contest
    :bulletpink: Baking Contest

    • Month & Year: The month and year this Contest Hall entry is taking place
    • Username: Your DA username
    • Resident: Your character in the group and a link to their application
    • Pet: Your resident's pet in the group and a link to their pet meme as well as their owner's application *Pet Contests only *
    • Category: The type of contest that is being hosted this month
    • Theme: The theme of the category that is being hosted this month
    • Medium Used: The kind of media used to create your entry (digital, mixed, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)

    • This information needs to be in your Contest Hall entry's artist comments, else it will be disqualified when it is time to judge

    • When your entry is completed, submit it to the "Contest Hall" sub folder (inside the "Contests" folder) within the contest's accepting date

    • When your entry is accepted, it will be posted on the Bulletin Board under the Contest Hall event for all to see and admire your hard work

    • Contest Hall winners are declared at the beginning of the next month on the Bulletin Board blog
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